people in new york used to say this all the time and i forgot about it until i saw this ep a couple weeks ago and was dying but also was like ??is it a philly thing too?!? do people still use jabroni??


Magic Cat now in gif form



the minute long compilation of every time sweet dee gags on always sunny that you never knew you wanted.



Up all night, Patrick Joust

im really in love with my cat

im so happy i adopted her

“When girls are allowed to let go and not be called crazy, or to yell without being called angry, then they learn that the world they live in is limitless- or at least that the possibilities are.”- Carrie Brownstein


Curran Hatleberg


dark paradise

Whelp I worked 9am-9pm with a 45 minute break in which I biked home to shower because I was so sweaty and gross. The only time I sat down in the past 12 hours was on the toilet and while biking. Can I evaporate into the clouds pls

working a double that starts at 9am. What kind of sick torture is this



what is white culture

clapping after an airplane lands

i have a really important jOB interview for the realest real internship i’ll have had to date, that i want so badly but am slightly intimidated by the time commitment (12 hours a week for 6 months??!) and thesis is scary and i havent actually started any of the homework ive been assigned yet and everyone in my department is being super catty but otherwise i feel like things are on the rise

hell yeah