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these pix do wonders for my self confidence. ideal form realized

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today we had a panel of alumni come and speak to us and it got me thinking about how i need to put myself out there more and quit being a nervous socially anxious baby,

and one of the artists said she would introduce me to some important people in the philly LGBTQ community at her book launch in 3 weeks (!)

and at 9pm i get an awesome offer from a professor but she writes that she remembers me not enjoying the social part at an art gala i was a part of last year, and that this opportunity would require me to be very social.. aka she doesnt trust me / think im capable. i want to be confident and respond to her saying im over that and i would be great and to take a chance on me but im terribly afraid she would and i would freak out and flop. what do i DO

Louise Bourgeois

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'Beyonce covered Sex On Fire at glastonbury right?' 'She made the song a lot better. She made me masturbate to my own song.” - Caleb Followill (Kings of Leon lead singer)

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future tbh

Mariette Pathy Allen’s new photobook, TransCuba, captures a country slowly outgrowing its history of persecution. Shot in 2012 and 2013, the book is haunted by the trauma inflicted by Fidel Castro’s government. But it is optimistic about life under his brother, Raúl, who assumed the presidency in 2008.

Allen’s portraits are moving proof to the contrary. TransCuba follows her two previous photobooks—Transformations (1989) and The Gender Frontier (2003)—capping a loose trilogy that is one of contemporary photography’s most poignant explorations of gender identity. Her portraits, whether shot in Cuba or the United States, remind us that looking is a political act, and seeing a revolutionary one.


Mariette Pathy Allen

The Gender Frontier

1. Jamison at Fantasia Fair

2. Cheryl Chase, intersex activist, Santa Rosa, CA

3. Young couple at a GenderPAC gathering, DC

4. Max and Cori, a reversed couple

5. Inkera with her aunt’s children, Schenectody

6. Virginia Prince, pioneer

7. Dee and Donna,learning line dancing, Baltimore

8. Brandon Theena should have been here, Gay Pride Parade, NYC

9. Sylvia Rivera, homeless, with Marlboro Man

10. Cas, with daughter-in-law and her baby near Atlanta, GA


Starting in the early ’90s, my work focused on female-to-male as well as male-to-female people who live full time in the gender in which they identify. I photographed the evolution of political activism, young gender variant people, and made portraits of individuals as their life circumstances changed. “The Gender Frontier”, published in 2003, represents an amazing decade in the struggle against discrimination.


a roll of film that had seemingly the tail ends of all of summer on it

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weird luke!!!!!

(sorry i definitely just creeped ur insta and art bb, but it’s all perfect)