Literally obsessed with my cat. N Look at this cute little setup!! Her litter box is super space age and cool and courtesy of walmarts cheap as shit prices I got this tiny garbage so I never have to smell her poop and a placemat as a litter rug

The braids finally happened! They’re not quite done yet but will be tomorrow..
The bun looks hot but almost every other style makes me look like a cyber goth haahahaha

Ciao to the critters living under my arms for the past 2 and a half years

Darius sleeps in my arms. She is also about the size of my foot 😻

life update:

i adopted a kitten, her name is Darius, n she is the love of my life.

I gave up drinking because a lot of reasons but im happy about this decision.

so i picked up smoking weed again but not so much still because i know i suck at interacting with people when im high. 

clean life~

i’ve also been a vegetarian for a month now. hello.

i shaved my armpits yesterday, mostly because i have a rash on one armpit n its bugging me. it’s been over 2 years since ive shaved them and it feels nice to do it just cause i felt like it. also i dunno what the deal with the rash is since i hardly wear deodorant but now i think im giving up on deodorant altogether until i make my own

still kinda sad, still kinda lonely.

//family things are getting worse but just tryna focus on my own happiness//

(Source: parks-and-recreation-department)



Spent too much money in the past two weeks n I’m honestly mad about it

If my dad’s allergic reaction is to chemo and not something else then he’s going to have to stop taking chemo
which is a thing I never wanna think about//hopefully never becomes a reality

ha ha I hate u ((I love u)) I wanna cry

How or why I looked so cute at work today idk