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Spent too much money in the past two weeks n I’m honestly mad about it

If my dad’s allergic reaction is to chemo and not something else then he’s going to have to stop taking chemo
which is a thing I never wanna think about//hopefully never becomes a reality

ha ha I hate u ((I love u)) I wanna cry

How or why I looked so cute at work today idk

a surefire way to hate yourself is to weigh yourself every day. trust me it works.


Blue Is the Warmest Color (Dir. Abdellatif Kechiche, 2013)


Pauline à la plage, 1983, Eric Rohmer


Francesca Jane Allen



Can the Party Space Ever Be Truly Queer?



I think we are all in agreement at this point that marriage is not and can never be queer. Whether you take the feminist approach that the institution upholds gender roles or the anti-capitalist approach that its primary purpose is to ensure the production of new workers, it is safe to say that marriage stands no chance in the face of a queer critique. While marriage equality is very trendy right now, we are over here trying to come up with radical new ways to love, to exist, and to solve the problem that is 21st century post-capitalist American personhood. And we can all agree that state-sanctioned unions need to go.

But what about partying? Partying, or the party space, always purports to be a unifying, sometimes transcendental, experience, and we all seem to be okay with that. We party separately in our own communities, but appreciation for cheap beer and good drugs transcends all boundaries. On some level, I think it’s built into our understanding of what and who a modern day subject is.

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Jonah Chill. Portland, OR.